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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Abortion seems to be one of THE ISSUES dividing liberals from conservative Christians. On one side: Pro-choice. On the other side: Pro-life [I choose to use the terms used by the advocates of each side's position]. It has been my general impression that many conservative Christians would never vote for the Democrat Party based upon this issue alone. After a few months of reading Evangelical blogs, my impression holds. Abortion is not usually the focus of Evangelical blog posts - it is simply assumed that everyone in this community is Pro-life. (Like any other topic, there are occasionally exceptions to this rule.) Any information I have gleaned on this topic is usually only in passing.

Here is the best way I can think of to display the Pro-Life objection to legal abortion: I will try to show counterarguments by Pro-Lifers to arguments put forth by Pro-Choice advocates (and of course, if you think I have depicted the Pro-Life or Pro-Choice position incorrectly, let me know and if I've made a major error I will correct it - otherwise give your nuanced opinion in the comments):

Pro-Choice: The government should not have the right to tell a woman what to do with her own body.
Pro-Life: The child inside the woman's body is a human with rights - we do not allow murder outside the womb, so why allow it inside the womb?

Pro-Choice: A zygote or embryo or unviable fetus does not have rights.
Pro-Life: Yes it does.

Pro-Choice: Abortion should be legal because women will have abortions anyway.
Pro-Life: We should not make a crime legal simply because people will do it anyway.

Pro-Choice: Sometimes it is not realistic for a woman to add a baby to her life - the baby will not be properly cared for.
Pro-Life: The woman should have thought of that before she got pregnant. Adoption is an option as is care from a Christian community.

Pro-Choice: Why is abortion such a big issue? What about war or genocide or AIDS or starvation? These problems generate as much or more death than abortion.
Pro-Life: There is a silent genocide occurring around us every day through abortion right here in our own country.

Pro-Choice: Pro-Lifers are hypocrites - they believe that women getting abortions should be hassled at the clinic and that abortion doctors should be killed.
Pro-Life: This is an extreme, un-Christian position and not acceptable.

and to turn it around:

Pro-Life: Pro-choice people are pro-baby-murder.
Pro-Choice: Pro-choice people do not like abortion, but believe that its legality should be protected.

Pro-Life: Where does a pro-Choicer draw the line at what constitutes a human with rights?
Pro-Choice: When the baby is born.

As a Pro-Choice person, the last one is the toughest issue for me. I think that I will stay out of the comments on this one, unless it is to respond to a request or something - you can see my views, which I already presented on my blog, here.