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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Heaven and Hell

Hey there, everybody:) Our hostess, Alice, has taken a week off so Jennifer and I have jumped at the chance to fill in for her. I'm planning to be here today and Wednesday and Jennifer will be here Tuesday and Thursday. Then one or both of us will post something on Friday.

This is the first topic I thought we might cover. We've touched on it a bit in other conversations, but it's probably important enough to warrant it's own discussion. And there are definitley some interesting thoughts floating around out there so I know we can come up with lots to talk about. If anyone would like me to clarify, define , or elaborate on anything, please let me know.

So what do Christians believe exists after death here on Earth? Are Heaven and Hell real places? Is Hell really a lake of fire (Rev 20:14)? Or is Hell simply the absence of God or the end of existence? What do we know about Heaven? Are there really going to be streets paved with gold?

The Bible uses a lot of imagery to describe heaven and hell – “bound with everlasting chains” and “eternal fire”(Jude 5-13), “walls of jasper” “city of pure gold” (Rev 21). How much of that is imagery and how much is factual? Is there a way to know?

I feel like the Coffee Talk lady (Mike Myers, wasn't it?) on SNL a long time ago:) "I'll give you a topic - Heaven and Hell. Discuss amongst yourselves." :)