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Monday, May 16, 2005

Homosexual Union

Here is an issue that really seems to divide conservative Christians from liberals (and I include liberal Christians in my definition of liberals). There are different forms of homosexual union: the literal, sexual union; a state-recognized union; and a church-recognized union. Heterosexuals are afforded all three unions with no questions asked from society, assuming of course that they are of sound mind, of legal age, not related, etc. Liberals ask, "Who is it hurting for homosexuals to have union?" and "Isn't it discrimination to deny rights to gays?" Conservative ask, "Isn't it dangerous to rip at the fabric of our society?" and "How can we go against the Bible?"

I find it interesting that there is a rift within Christianity on this issue. It may rip the Episcopal church apart. This is a perfect example of a Christian deciding whether to view the Bible of an inerrent document or as an interpretable document. I qualify that observation with my finding that even the most hard-core conservative Christian will admit that one must interpret the Bible.

So...gay marriage - have at it.