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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I've an Idea

About 3 months ago I had no idea what the Evangelical Christian / conservative Christian world was all about. I'm your typical lefty Democrat who is completely mystified by such events as abortion protests, Billy Graham revivals, and the interest in AM radio. In February I started a blog, and through a series of unpredictable events, most of my current blog readers are conservative Christians, and I read mostly conservative Christian blogs. Surprisingly there are hundreds of such blogs (perhaps thousands?) due to an organized movement within the Evangelical world. My goal here is to educate others who, like me, are politically left-leaning and likely have little contact with the conservative Christian world. I believe that it is important to understand this powerful demographic due to their political influence in our country. We should not mentally dismiss them simply because we disagree.

My initial interest in taking advantage of this accidental contact with the Evangelical world was twofold: 1) my hope to heal lingering bad memories of an experience with some kids from a Bible college while I was in college, and 2) curiosity about the influence of the Christian right within the Republican Party.

Being unemployed (by choice!), I have had the luxury of taking time to get to know quite a few of these bloggers through hundreds of comments on both my blog and their blogs. Several of us also send e-mails to each other sometimes. In one case I drove 3 hours to visit a blogger and her large family.

I do not want this information to go to waste. I have had several of my stereotypes busted, many bolstered. I learn of new issues every day - today in fact I was surprised to see the intense reaction against Laura Bush's comedy bit at Saturday night's White House Correspondents' Dinner. I hope you enjoy.