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Monday, May 16, 2005


As I said at my other blog, I have not posted frequently on here because I feel that I must get a broad view of a subject and encompass the whole evangelical thought. It now appears that the evangelical thought is truly coming through in the comments section, and not in my assessment, so I will take my readers' advice, and simply post a topic and let the commenters have at it!

This makes my part much much simpler, and I think that people want more topics.

In the last post on abortion, the subject naturally got to morality after a seque into murder. Then kate threw a wrench into the whole thing and said that she doesn't believe in sin or a soul. A few commenters requested that I start a new subject line with that topic, so here it is!

For those who have not been following (and do not want to read the 85 - so far - comments!) here is a synopsis of the questions being addressed:

1) How are humans different from animals?
2) What exactly is a "moral?"
3) Do the concepts of right and wrong stem from evolution (social contract) or from God?

Scroll about 2/3 way down the Abortion comments if you want to read for yourself.

Great insight into two ways of thinking about the world around us...