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Thursday, May 05, 2005

They're Not Crazy

Though it may seem so, through the lens of the mainstream media, hard-core conservative Christians (CC's) are not a bunch of crazies. It took me a while to see through their eyes, but I think that I understand where they are coming from. As alluded to in my last post, it all comes back to the Bible. CC's believe that the Bible is the absolute word of God which must be obeyed and followed. Given that premise, a lot of things that may concern you or me are of little concern to them, and vice versus. Therefore we end up with this huge disconnect between the two cultures.

Examples (by "Us" I am making a HUGE generalization - I fully realize this does not apply to all liberals):

1. Education
Us: How do we make the public school system better and more inclusive?
Them: My children are being indoctrinated with secular humanism, so I will homeschool or private school (or at the very least complain about secular humanism)

2. Gay Marriage
Us: Live and let live - who's being threatened?
Them: The Bible is very clear about men-women relationships

3. Laura Bush's WHCD speech
Us: Glad to see that she is a real person.
Them: This is a disgrace. The Bible says that women must respect their husbands.

4. Truth
Us: Truth is what is true to you
Them: Truth is the word of God, which has been revealed and is in the Bible.

5. Terri Schiavo
Us: Huh??
Them: All life is sacred and must be protected.

I could go on...

There is no wiggle room for Biblical interpretation among CC's. It is what it is because it is the word and law of God. If you can see their views from that perspective, you have gone a long way toward understanding them.