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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Non-Believer at Church

It's Alice again...

I'm going to go with the flow of the recent posts, and look for some feedback here, rather than with the "attempt-at-objectivity-reporting-the-facts" kind of post.

My husband and I just found a place to live in Berkeley, California. Across the street, and I mean literally across the street, is a Presbyterian church. I plan on attending. Here are the reasons: I find a good morality-based sermon inspiring; Berkeley is about as liberal as it comes, so the church will probably be liberal; and I'm still hoping that I can regain my Christianity, though I seriously doubt that will ever happen (Christian Democrat's story gave me hope that it may happen).

I asked Jennifer about this once, and of course, she thought that is was great that I would want to go to church, even though I cannot in good conscience, call myself a Christian. What do more conservative Christians think about non-believers being in their midst? What if I go to church with absolutely no intention of converting, but simply desire the message (which I hope will be liberal) and the fellowship? In your mind, is that wrong?

And a second question: do you think that there are non-believers in your church community? I definitely think that there were many non-believers in the church community that I grew up in. I think that they attended church for either custom, business connections, or family reasons.